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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stitching By Numbers

I have decided to re-name my blog. (Obviously!)  I've never really liked 'Anne's Antic's', right from the
 beginning. When I started my blog I had no idea what to call it, I couldn't come up with a cute name, no
 matter how hard I tried. It became Anne's Antic's by default, even though I knew what I would write here could hardly be described as antics. I have decided to call my blog 'Stitching By Numbers', the same name that I gave my Etsy shop when I opened in 2012. I feel that this name better describes me and what I do, in sewing and my shop. I sell Vintage and Newer (or 'not-so-vintage') sewing, knitting and craft patterns. I love it, although I have not been able to work on it as much as I would like lately. I literally have hundreds of patterns, and the number is growing. I belong to a fantastic team on Etsy, called Pattern Patter. I have never known a friendlier, more helpful group of women. Everyone helps each other. There is no 'I'm only in it for me!' on this team. We are all there for the same reason - to promote our own and each other's shops and to sell patterns. I am proud to be a team member. Throughout the year we have 'BLITZ' sales, in which we all post or renew as many patterns as we can in one day. This benefits you, the customer, because many of my teamies and I have fantastic sales and discounts on that day. I will be offering a 20% discount with the coupon code 'BLITZ' on sale day.  Our next 'BLITZ' is November 29th, Black Friday, with some shops carrying the sale through to Monday.  So please stop by - you may find your next stitching project in my shop or in one of my teamies shops.

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Happy Stitching!

Friday, March 15, 2013

What Were They Thinking?

Have you seen the  "You Can't Judge An Ugly Vintage Pattern By It's Cover"  party at  Simple Simon and Co.?   The idea behind the party is that many ‘ugly’ vintage patterns may have some redeeming qualities if you look hard enough.  That is absolutely true. Fashions change over the years, but many things stay the same or return in some shape or form.  Vintage patterns are a fabulous way to bring the past to life, and to put your own spin on current fashion trends.
As a vintage pattern seller, it is easy to say that I have at least 1000+ patterns on hand at a time.  There is usually something on the pattern that can be used, a skirt, a dress or top, even a sleeve style or collar can be adapted to another current pattern. Vintage patterns carry a wealth of information that newer patterns don’t.  Sewing techniques, tips and style ideas abound.
But sometimes, it is very difficult to see the positive for the all to obvious negatives in a pattern.
march 13 006
At first glance, this 1985 Vogue 9238 Maternity pattern looks shapeless and ugly.  But lets look at it a different way.  The skirt is a simple shape that is very wearable today.  The pants are a little short, but that isn’t a big problem, just lengthen the hem!  The vest, well, maybe we’ll leave that out of our wardrobe.  On to the tunic/dress.   Take a look at this current pattern,  Vogue 8771.
Anything look familiar?  The sleeves!  Granted there is a slight difference in shape, but overall the style is the same.  Shape the sides of the tunic from our vintage pattern  and pair it with a belt and skinny pants. You have a totally up-to-date look!
Moving on to our next pattern,  Butterick 6319.  Look past the 80’s hair and headband, and what do you see?  Flashdance?  A bad 80’s exercise class?
march 13 002
Lets look again. Look at the components individually.  A basic tank top or tankini top shape, a basic underwear or bathing suit bottom, tights or leggings, a basic tee.  Keep in mind that the pattern pieces can be altered slightly to change the fit and style, and the possibilities are almost endless!
At the beginning of this post I said that most vintage patterns have some redeeming qualities.  Most.  Not ALL.  The last pattern I’m going to show you is a 90’s Butterick 4820 Maternity pattern.  If you can see the potential in this pattern, please let me know. It is one of the few patterns I have ever come across in the 1000’s of patterns I’ve owned that just screams  ‘WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?’  I don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant I FELT like a beachball.  I didn’t want to LOOK like one too! This is my entry to Simple Simon's ugly pattern contest.
march 13 008
So now you can see the advantages of a vintage pattern.  Look past the poor illustrations or photos on the covers of some of them, and look at the ‘bones’ of the pattern. Everything may not be as it seems at first glance.  I like to look at the line drawings first (usually found on the back of the envelope) to see what you are really getting.  Let your imagination soar!
To find your perfect vintage sewing pattern, go to my shop,  Stitching By Numbers,  or check out one of the fabulous vintage pattern shops of my Etsy teamies from  Pattern Patter!  Please check out our shops on Wednesday March 20th, for our HUGE BLITZ PATTERN SALE for 20% off in my shop and others!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stitching By Numbers

Hello everyone!  After organising my pattern collection, AGAIN, I finally decided to open my second Etsy shop.  I am busy filling it with vintage, and not-so-vintage sewing, knitting and crochet patterns.  I’ll also be listing several cross stitch charts and books, and maybe the odd kit or two.  It’s funny how quickly these things add up, and how much room they take in your sewing space! (and the closets, and the basement, and the spare room, lol) I’m very excited about my new venture, and I’m looking forward to more room in my house! For my new banner and avatar I decided to use a picture of my mom, as she was one of my greatest influences, AND she was an avid pattern collector (hoarder?) as well. She was always busy doing something, whether it be sewing, knitting or any other handcraft. Plus, it just makes me happy to see her there, like she sees what I am doing and approves.


So drop by and take a look! You may just find your next stitching project!

Stitching By Numbers on Etsy

Have a lovely day, and happy stitching!