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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Purple Dress and Stupid Mistakes

Do you ever make sewing mistakes that are so stupid, you can’t believe you did it? I do. OFTEN. You’d think I’d learn. But no.  My Fibro brain was going full force when I cheerfully sewed the wrong piece of elastic to the pair of pj pants I was making.  Naturally I thought everything was fine. I attached the elastic to the top of the pants, after carefully measuring and ironing a quarter inch fold over. Then I folded the elastic and fabric down and sewed again. As I was mentally patting myself on the back, I noticed a forlorn piece of elastic glaring at me from beside my sewing machine. I looked at the pants, only to see a waistline fit for an elephant, not a two year old boy. It was four inches too big. That poor pair of pants sat reproachfully on my cutting table for two days, until this evening when I couldn’t avoid them any longer. The elastic had to come out. Forty-five minutes later the offending elastic was gone. Have I mentioned how much I hate unpicking? Especially when it is a pair of navy blue flannelette jammies, with matching thread.   Elastic casings are starting to look better and better.

And another thing. On Sunday evening I wrote a post about the swoon cardi I made for my step-granddaughter. I was being lazy and wrote it up using Blogger, instead of Windows Live Writer like I usually do. Apparently Blogger was having issues and refused to save or post my post. I tried for over an hour to make it work, then finally copied and pasted my post onto WLW. Problem solved, right? Wrong. About an hour later I checked my home page for something, and nearly cried. The post I had worked so hard on, was exactly the same as the post I had written before it. Lesson learned. If you are going to be any length of time between writing posts, check your last post!  In case you are wondering, I deleted the first post. I can make a fool out of myself very easily. I don’t need my blog to make it glaringly obvious to the world thank you very much.


Next on the agenda, a purple re-fashioned dress for my step-granddaughter. I love a fast and easy project. Lexi  loves purple. I found this long sleeved tee for $1.00 on clearance at a local store. I knew I wanted to make a dress, but I didn’t really have anything suitable colour wise, and I didn’t really want to use quilting cotton. I found the perfect tie neck top in my closet. It is hard to tell on a monitor, but the purple flowers are exactly the same colour as the tee. It looks like the sleeves are incredibly long in the photos, but they aren’t.


PicMonkey isn’t co-operating at the moment, so I haven’t been able to edit my pictures yet.





The skirt is the bottom of the top, and I used the neck ties for the front waistband and ties in the back.  I thought it looked a little plain, so I made matching yoyos and sewed them to the bodice with a little added bling.




I think it turned out cute. Lexi loves and and it fits perfectly. Proof that occasionally I can do something right!


Until next time,  Happy Stitching!



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stashbusting Sewalong 2013


It’s time. Waaay past time.  My fabric stash has completely taken over my basement.  So I’ve joined The girls at  tumbleweeds in the wind  and  cation designs  for their  Stashbusting Sewalong!  You can follow any of these links to all the details,or click the button in the right hand sidebar.

First, you take the pledge,

I, Anne Maskell, commit to using 20 pieces of stash fabric in 2013. I also pledge to use as much of my lace, buttons and trim as possible.

It is totally up to you how much you pledge to use!  Each month there is a different theme for sewing.  Again, it is totally up to you if you follow or not.  As long as you are sewing your stash, all is well.

Next, post pictures of your stash. I took pictures of some of my stash. The stuff in dressers and rubbermaid totes was too much of a pain to get out. You’ll just have to believe me when I say they are there and full! (2 6-drawer dressers and 5 large totes)




As you can see, it is piled everywhere. It’s really embarrassing.  I have so many beautiful pieces ready to use, but because there is so much, it gets pushed to the back and forgotten. Does anyone else have that problem?  Well, this year I intend to remedy that.  Or, well, at least some of it!

In the next day or so I will be posting the outfits I just finished for my granddaughter.  I actually used five different pieces of fabric.  I’ll give you a hint, the two pieces of aqua coloured fabric was used to make one outfit!

Happy Stashbusting!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Can you believe it’s the middle of February already?  The days are just flying by.  And while I’m looking forward to Spring and warmer weather, I wish time would slow down a little.  So many things have happened in the few short weeks since the holidays, that I just need time to absorb everything before anything else happens. (good or bad!) I have managed to do a little sewing amongst the chaos.  And all of the fabrics I’ve used came from my stash, which seems to be never ending. I really have no idea where all that fabric came from.  Honestly, I have enough to rival the stock of a small fabric shop! It is way past time for me to take inventory of everything, but I just can’t motivate myself to do it.  But I’ll have to do it soon. We can barely move in our walk-in closet because I have so many stacks of fabric piled up. That doesn’t include the two triple dressers full, and the four large rubbermaid bins artfully hidden throughout the basement!  Ok, I admit it. I am a fabriholic.  I just can’t turn down a piece of fabric. Quite a bit of my fabric stash was given to me through out the years, and (blush) I just can’t pass up a sale. Especially when Fabricland has their buy one meter, get two (sometimes three!!) meters free sale.   Some of it I have no idea what I’ll do with, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it.  Giving away perfectly good fabric seems like such a waste, and in some way gives me a feeling of failure.  I know that sounds silly, but I feel that each piece of fabric could be made into something, and I’ve failed to realize it’s potential! 
Before I ramble on any more, I’ll show you what I’ve been working on….

baby stuff 033
I’ve been making bibs, burp cloths and matching taggy blankets!
baby stuff 017
It seems to have become a new addiction…
baby stuff 025
I thought I’d do something different, and made my taggy blankets round.
baby stuff 005
Unfortunately, I took my pictures in a hurry at night, so they aren’t the best, but they get the point across.
baby stuff 007
Close up  of flowers on the bib.
baby stuff 001
They are all made with soft cotton on the front, and super soft minky on the back. I love the frayed edges! I’ve decided to call them my Shabby Chic Kids accessories, and I hope to add some items of clothing along the same lines. My own little clothing and accessory line, lol.
Before you think I’ve gone off the deep end here, I’ll let you know why I’ve made so many. Some of these will be posted in my poor neglected Etsy shop, and some of them I plan to sell at an Easter bazaar my friend Connie and I will be participating in this April.  So I guess that is my incentive to sort through my stash.  Maybe…   OK, OK, I’ll do it.  But if you don’t hear from me in a few days, please send in the rescue squad……

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cassandra's New Baby

Yes, it's true. My stepdaughter Cassandra has a new baby. He's adorable. I could sit and cuddle him all day. We all love him to death. And his name is Wheezy.

Don't you just love that little face? Wheezy is a miniature dachshund, so he will always be small and adorable. He'll probably grow to about eleven pounds of scampering fun.

On the sewing front, I have made myself a dress! Another item for my fall/winter wardrobe. It is from Burda #7828.

I love this pattern. I've made it at least five times, as both a top and dress, with all different sleeves. It is so comfortable to wear, and very quick and easy to make. In fact, I made this dress in an afternoon.

Please forgive my rotten pics, it was dark when I took them! I absolutely love this fabric, and I'm disappointed that the true colours don't really show. The lighter colour is much richer than it looks in the pic. Oh well, not much I can do. I plan on wearing this dress with my knee high chocolate brown suede slouchy boots. What do you think? Now I need a new necklace! Any ideas? I'd love to hear them! Anne

mmm buttonKeeping It SimplePhotobucket

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet......Annie? My Alter Ego.

Okay. So maybe calling my new dress(?) form Annie, is jumping the gun a little. Because, technically, she is a boy . A tailor's form to be exact. I have been stalking kijiji in my area for weeks, hoping that I would stumble across a dressmaker's form. One that I could afford. One that would at least be a close approximation of my shape and size. (all the while kicking myself for selling mine a few years ago!) It seems that anyone who has one is holding tight to their mini me. Finally, a few days ago I came across this little beauty. For only $25! Besides the obvious drawbacks, Annie has a lot going for her. She/he is on an adjustable stand, is in excellent condition, and did I mention, $25! Right in my price range! So, now Annie is making her home in my closet. Her shoulder and waist measurements are approximately the same as mine. I think the with the addition of a (padded) bra, and some strategically placed padding around the hip, Annie will fill out nicely. Maybe not perfect, but then again, who is? The most important thing is, I'm happy! And hey, that's what counts, right?


Thursday, June 17, 2010

And Now for something different!

You will all have to forgive me today. I'm a little giddy. You see, I've had quite a shock. I finally got the ambition to dig out my summer clothes from last year and try them on. I absolutely couldn't believe it. They fit!! Not only fit, but there is a little, (ok, very little,!) wiggle room. With my seemingly steady weight gain over the past few years, I honestly thought nothing would still fit. I have purposely put off sorting things out and trying them on for that reason, not wanting to give myself anything else to feel bad about. But, thankfully, I have had a pleasant surprise! But, to be quite honest, the fact that everything still fits won't stop me from adding to my wardrobe! Besides, summer clothes are quick and easy to whip up, so I'm sure I'll have a few little tops, skirts and shorts added to my wardrobe before long!
But, as promised in the title of the post, on to something different. I have just finished this little carriage blanket for a friend's baby. She is having twins, a girl and a boy, so I'll be making another blanket in the same crochet design, in pink and white. I just love this pattern. It is so incredibly easy to do, and it whips up in no time. It is something you can do while watching t.v, without concentrating on it. I have made so many of these blankets in all sizes, that I have lost count! It is a great way to use up bits of wool and yarn, and no matter what or how many colours you use, it is always pretty. And of course, the softer the wool you use, the better! 

Do you think she'll like it? I hope so! The twins are due in October, just in time to need soft, cosy blankets to snuggle up in!  Have a great day everyone!   Anne

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Best Laid Plans

I had every intention of making up the blk/white cardi today, but got side tracked. It started out as another fibro day, so I didn't do much for a good part of the day. Finally this afternoon I gathered some energy to do some hand sewing on this jacket that I started a few weeks ago. I wanted it for early spring, but I seem to have missed the boat! Unless we get some more cool weather, I won't be wearing it until October. Oh well, I love it anyway. It is another Simplicity pattern # 2812. You can see it here. I bought the fabric at Fabricland last fall, and had been debating ever since what pattern to use. The lining is cut from a thrifted ladies blouse. I love the leopard print against the spicey orange. But then again, I LOVE animal prints, especially the big cats! The sleeves are pleated at the cuff, but I took the seam up about 3 inches more than recommended, and added buttons for interest. When I get some more thread (I ran out) I'll do the front button holes and  sew on the matching buttons. After searching for the pattern amongst everything else in my closet, I decided to sort them according to what is in the pattern.      This is the result of my hard work.                                                                                                                                                       
As I put them away I counted them. I couldn't believe it. I have 254 patterns! 50 of them are for babies and toddlers! 46 are for kids sizes 4-12, men and crafts etc. The remainder are for me!! I rationalized with myself, thinking that some of them I have had for more than 20 years, some are thrifted or given to me,and some are from yard sales etc. But,(a great sigh as I look over my shoulder to see who's looking,) the majority of them I bought myself!!! At least I only buy them when they are on sale, but still, WOW! So I have sworn off buying patterns for a while. And fabric. My fabric stash rivals the stock at fabricland. But again, I didn't buy ALL of it. A great deal of it IS thrifted, or donated to me by family and friends. I'm not even going to MENTION my stash of lace, ribbon and trim. Anyway, I decided I wasn't going to buy patterns or fabric for a good long while. My resolve was strong. I felt proud of myself for my future restraint.I could do it! NOTHING could change my mind....  THEN I remembered the Fabricland gift certificate my kids gave me for my birthday. So what is a girl to do? I can't disapoint my kids, now can I? If I can just make it to the next big sale............
............. Happy stash busting!    Anne

Monday, April 5, 2010

in the closet

Well, as I said yesterday, dinner was fab. My step-mom out did herself- again! Ham, scalloped potatoes and lots of side dishes. Then apple pie and ice cream for desert. I elected to jog home after, but didn't make it down the driveway! The gifts I made were well received by S-M(step-mom) and nieces. S-M wore her apron all day! The girls loved their dresses, and they fit very well, especially since I had no measurements to go by. It's hard to get sizes correct for small kids, they grow soo fast. I was proud of my kids too. My daughter helped us in the kitchen, while my sons (the big He-men) played with the kids. It is so cute to see my grown sons crawling around on the floor with little kids. In my last post I talked about trying to dress nicely everyday, even if I don't go anywhere. I'm trying! I took a couple pics of my closet, of all the clothes I have hanging in there. All of it is handmade by me. The poor things seem to go directly from my machine to the closet, never to be seen again. It is such a waste! A lot of the things I make I give to my best friend, who at this point has a better wardrobe than I do! I do have to admit that alot of the things I give her are things that turned out too small or were not a good fit. She is alot smaller than me. So.. back to my original idea. I'm going to wear ALL my clothes instead of falling back on a few favs, and of course my beloved pj bottoms! I'm sure my family will be happy to see the change! I thought I'd also show you my secret addiction. I LOVE costume jewelery! I have a special space in my closet just for that!

These are just some of my necklaces and bracelets. I also have some in a basket in my room, waiting to be hung up. Costume jewelery is soo much fun! You can find so many different things, all at reasonable prices! I have to admit that I have picked up a few items at the dollar store, mostly wooden and beaded items. And I've been complimented on them! People are surprised when I tell them where I got them! Since I'm trying to be fashionable on a tight budget, I can get 3-4 items for less than the cost of one at any large dept store. I am also going to try making some things for myself. I found a tute at 'hand made by carolyn', for a knotted rope necklace. LOVE IT!!I have some aqua rope that I plan to use. If you haven't already, you should check out her blog here.  She does some amazing work. I'm thinking of a matching bracelet.... The last thing I'm going to tell you about today are my new hangers! I think these things are great. They are 3 for $1.99 at JYSK. They are a straight wire hanger covered in foam. They can be bent up or down to suit your clothing. The best part is nothing falls off. The foam seems to grip the fabric. So no more piles of slippery clothing on the floor! Which reminds me. I have piles of laundry to do, so I guess I should get to it. Have a great day everyone!