Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sunshine at Christmas

A few months ago my daughter saw a kimono robe on the Anthropologie site, and fell in love with it.


Of course, she asked me to make her one.  Then, on a spur of the moment trip to Fabricland with my Grandmother and I, she found the perfect fabric for our version. It is a lovely heavier weight polyester satin, perfect for this project.  I used an OOP Newlook pattern, that I can’t find at the moment to give you the number. (figures, lol)  It worked up very quickly, which was just what I needed.  A quick, feel good project is sometimes the best medicine when you are feeling down.

Unfortunately my pictures don’t do the fabric or the robe itself justice. The fabric is such a beautiful bright sunny yellow, it makes you happy just to look at it. I took the pics in the evening, but with the dull miserable weather we’ve been having, I don’t think taking them during the day would have made much difference. 

flowers etc 004two

flowers etc 008two

flowers etc 005two

Hillary is thrilled with her new robe, and already has a list of other things she would like me to make for her!

Can you believe Christmas is so close?  With all of the turmoil and illness we have had here I am soo far behind. I still have sewing I have to finish, baking to do and shopping… I don’t even want to think about the shopping.  Hopefully I get it all finished in time.  For those of you that read my last post, there have been no new developments. We are still not able to see MacKensie, and miss her terribly. Hopefully that will change soon.



  1. That robe is so sunny and lovely; I can see why your daughter is so thrilled with it...
    I read your previous post and I'm so sorry you are in a painful situation. I sure hope they work out a more satisfactory solution soon...
    (virtual hug)

  2. Your daughter is a lucky girl! I much prefer the fabric your used over the original :)

  3. Oh, I love sunshine yellow. especially this time of year. It came out great.

  4. Thanks for finding me and following my blog! I love your stuff, as well! The Kimono robe is precious!!! I'll be following your blog!

    Randi from

  5. Merry Christmas Anne! Thank you so much for your kind comments and thoughts over the years, and I wish you a happy and peaceful day with your family, and a creative New Year to come.

  6. Hi Anne, this robe is absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much for coming to visit and for commenting on my dress :-). I am your newest follower, would be lovely if you would like to follow back. Have a gorgeous day, i hope you will feel better soon