Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is me. Is that you?

I thought I would pop in and say hi this evening, only to realize I’d neglected my poor blog for so long that I had forgotten how to use my Windows Live Writer. Sad smileSo after a quick review, I have at least gotten this far without too many problems. So, would you like to see what has been occupying alot of my time lately? Brace yourself for some major cuteness!

various 013
various 008
MacKensie and Uncle Colin
Nanny 018
Mackensie and Auntie Hillary
Nanny 006
Mackensie and Great Great Nanny Dorothy (yes, that’s right. Two greats!  Mackensie is the fifth generation)
Mackensie 1 003
MacKensie and Uncle Adam
Boy time flies!  Mackensie will be eight weeks old in four days.  It seems like yesterday we were still waiting anxiously for her to arrive.  As you can see, she has won over the hearts of everyone in the family.  Even her big manly man uncles are impatient to hold her!
What have you been up too?

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  1. Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous grand-daughter Mackensie! She is a real cutie, no wonder everyone is in thrall with her!

  2. what a cute baby, she sure is adorable. I'd stop blogging if I had a baby to hold and cuddle too. God is wonderful to bring us such joys with children.