Thursday, June 2, 2011

Swim Anyone?


Hello ladies!  I can’t tell you how glad I am that the sun is shining. We had so much rain, that water got into our basement. It turns out that we have a crack in the foundation of our house. Naturally we are overjoyed. Our bedroom is in the basement, and for the last few days we’ve needed to wear water wings and hip waders to get to the bed. (OK, maybe that is a slight exaggeration. But there was alot of water.) Thankfully it was contained to a certain area. Part of the sub-floor has had to come up, and naturally everything had to be moved.  Not the best time of our lives, let me tell you! This is my poor husband hard at work.

mixed 042 Thankfully the water had come in at an angle. To the right of the picture is where my sewing area is. We had to move part of the desk so we could pull up the carpet, but my desk, machines and supplies were all safe.  What a mess!


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  1. Oh dear! I'm so sorry for your watery mess. We recently had a pipe break in our garage right next to my sewing area so I can absolutely relate.