Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Flowers


Well, I got tired of waiting for Spring, so I decided to make some for myself! Er, well, sort of.  After seeing so many beautiful headbands and other hair accessories all over blogland, I decided to try my hand at it.  Michael’s had their silk flowers on sale this week, so in my usual all or nothing approach to crafting, I stocked up. I think I can safely say that everyone I know will never be without a floral headband. Ever. Again. But, at least I have the pleasure of my own private garden blooming in my basement. And I don’t have to water them! (we all know my reputation with plants. R.I.P )  I was actually surprised at the quality of the flowers available these days.  I haven’t really looked at them closely in years, not since the wonderful plastic flowers of yesteryear that passed as ‘silk’ blooms. When someone mentions silk flowers, I automatically think of the poor dusty specimens that seem to bloom endlessly in thrift stores and yard sales. So, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the vast selection. After a very happy hour of ‘picking flowers’, I left the store with my own life time supply. I didn’t realize how much fun making headbands and clippies (ugh, the ‘clippies’ are another story!) would be. The almost instant gratification has me hooked.  I’m excited by all the possibilities there are for embellishment and types of bands I can create! The possibilities are virtually endless, and I intend to try as many as I can think up!  For now I’ve experimented with different elastics for the bands, and ways of attaching the flowers to the bands. These are the first of many creations, all of which I’ve listed in my Etsy shop.

birthday 076

This orange daisy is so bright and cheerful!

birthday 102

Isn’t this sequined elastic fabulous?

birthday 062

This rose looks real!

birthday 096

Another elastic variation. Who knew there were so many choices?

birthday 041

I love these little clippies. The crystal bead in the center adds just the right touch. I searched everywhere for these alligator clips. I mean EVERYWHERE!  I thought they would be easy to find, considering their popularity in blogland (and other) crafting circles. But no. After looking at several different drug stores, craft and fabric/sewing stores, and even Walmart and not finding any, I was about to give up.  I ordered some from a shop on Etsy and resigned myself to waiting for a few days. Which I hate to do when the crafting bug is upon me. Then I happened to run into a store for something totally unrelated, and there they were! They were beckoning me from across the aisle, just waiting for my hot little hands to snatch them up. (which is exactly what I did. They weren’t getting away from me!) I bought all three packages they had. So I should be fine until the others arrive from Etsy. ( Whew. I knew you were worried! )

So, stay tuned for many more of my exciting versions of headbands, clippies, and whatever other hair accessory creations I can come up with!

Happy crafting ladies!!


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  1. hiya anne , what great flowers and ideas too ,tfs i am visiting from thrilling thursdays and am your newest follower too , hope you can stop by mine and follow me too ,tfs

  2. These flowers just made me smile. Love the sequin elastic. First time to see that.

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  3. Oh, I did something like this last year with flowers from Michael's! They are so much more realistic these days, aren't they? And a flower in your hair is so fun for spring. I'm curious how you attached them to the clippies. I had so much trouble with mine last year, and am not super happy with how they turned out. Maybe I was using the wrong kind of clip ... I did the daisies like you and then I did a ginormous white rose too. I do enjoy wearing them. (Note to self : start incorporating them again!)

  4. I love them. So cheerful!

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  5. Gorgeous hair accessories! You are very talented!
    Lovely blog too!

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  6. These came out great! On Friday, I bought a bunch of these to make also. Hope mne come out as nice as yours did.


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