Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick’s day is such a happy holiday!  Everyone laughs and jokes, and there are hugs all round.  (I’m not sure how much that has to do with the annual green beer, lol)  Do any of you have any grand plans for the day?  I am staying home, in my pajamas, sewing up a storm!  I have decided to boycott housework and laundry, and I may even forget where the kitchen is!  As my mom used to say, ‘Today is Every Man (or Woman!) for Himself Day’. Which meant we were all responsible for feeding ourselves! Of course, that only happened once we were teenagers.  My Mom was a firm believer in ‘Mom’s Day Off’.  A tradition I was happy to carry on.  She thought that Mom’s should have a scheduled day off,  just  like any other worker.  It is so easy to become bogged down with responsibilities and worries, that we forget to take care of ourselves.  I know how difficult it is to have time to yourself when the kids are young.  But try to take even an hour to yourself. Let your husband have a turn with the kids. (and Please don’t say they are ‘babysitting’.  Nothing annoys me more than hearing a man say he is ‘babysitting the kids’.  How can you babysit your own children?  Just sayin…) ( sorry ‘bout the rant!)  Anyway, back to you.  Start small. Take the dog for a walk.  Get your hair cut.  Just wander the mall aimlessly.  Anything to get you out and away.  If you aren’t comfortable with that, take a long bubble bath.  And  LOCK the door!  Listen to your ipod and relax.  As I said, I understand how hard this can be to arrange. (I had six little ones at once!) But you NEED  some ME time, if only for your own sanity!  It will make you so much happier,  and a happy Mommy makes happy kids. You will find yourself refreshed and more able to deal with life’s stressors. So, plan some ME  time, and see how your well being affects your family!
Well, now that I have that off my chest, I’ll show you what I originally intended to post about! (isn’t it funny how posts just seem to wander off by themselves?)    I am trying to add new stock to my etsy, and have been running my machine into the ground. I’ve made two more Peasant dresses. I still plan on adding a big flower or bow to each of them, but since the one dress fits into the theme of the day, I thought I’d post them now.

 peasant dresses 009
peasant dresses 011
What do you think? I love them. The bright cheery colours and prints just make me smile.
Happy St Paddy’s day, and happy sewing!           Anne

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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Alright. I am keeping an open mind. Or at least I’m trying. Even though this is what we woke up too a few days ago…
etsy 005
The snow was so wet and heavy that it clung to everything. One of the larger branches on this tree broke off because of the weight. (it is on our front lawn) We have had a couple of milder days since, so some of the snow has melted. But not enough!!! It snowed again today. Not much, just enough to let us know it was coming down. I really don’t think Mother Nature got the memo. THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING IS IN SIX DAYS!! (21st) Everyone is ready for it, even the die-hard winter fans.
None the less, I have been doing some sewing for Spring. It just helps to make me feel better. (as long as I don’t look outside, lol) I haven’t listed anything new in my etsy shop in a while, so I thought it was time.  These little dresses turned out so cute! I just wish I had a little girl to model them for me! I used Simplicity #5695 view B,  for both dresses.
I used coordinating fabric for them both. The first one I made is black, white and yellow.
etsy 178I wasn’t completely sure about using black, but now that it’s made, I love it. The yellow in the pattern really brightens it up. When it was finished, I thought it was a little plain, so I sewed a flower onto a pin back. Making it easy to remove for washing.
etsy 025
I made the second one this afternoon, in coordinating yellow and white. It is so bright and cheery!
yellow dress 074
This one deserved a flower too!
yellow dress 076
I have three more of these cute little dresses cut out and ready to sew. Now I just need the time to do it!
Thanks for visiting, and have a great day ladies!     Anne

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