Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What The…?


I have my own camera.  It is a niffty little purple Samsung, and I love it. I bought it just before my trip last September.  I keep it in a nice little case, away from harm, until I need it.  It generally lives on top of my dresser in the bedroom, safely away from kids and pets.  So obviously,  I am the only one to use it. So you can imagine my surprise when I downloaded my last batch of pictures and found this…

baby sewing 001

My youngest son (he’s sixteen) loves picking up orphaned lawnmowers and tractors,  or anything with a motor really, and finding it a new home. He strips them down, repairs them and sells them at a profit.  Apparently the tractor was ready to go, and just needed it’s glamor shots taken!

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  1. that's so funny. (And my husband would buy that in a heart beat :) )