Monday, November 22, 2010

What I Did On The Weekend

I've been dying to make up these two patterns for myself for weeks. But, for one reason or another, it didn't happen. This weekend, I decided that nothing else would get done until I made them! There is just something so satisfying in making your own clothing. I love starting with a piece of fabric, and turning out an item of clothing. (it sounds silly, but it almost has a magical quality to it.) What makes it even better, is that no one else will have the same clothing that you do! I made both of these tops in one afternoon/evening. Both patterns are very quick and easy to sew. Perfect for when you feel the need for something new to wear, but don't want to spend long hours at the sewing machine.

The first one I made is from Jalie #2921, scarf collar top.

I bought the cotton knit jersey fabric for two dollars at Goodwill last week. It is wonderfully soft and comfortable.

Please forgive the crappy pictures. It was so overcast today, and even the house lights didn't seem to improve things. I carried Annie all over the place, looking for better light.

You can see my black gloves peeking out at the neckline, lol. I needed more stuffing, because the center of the collar kept sinking in.

The second top I made is from Kwik Sew #3756. I love the neckline on this top.

I've had the fabric I used for this top for quite awhile. I'm finally breaking into my stash, and making a very small dent in it. Only about one hundred pieces to go, lol! But, I'm sure I can find something to sew!

Annie seems to have a bit of a lurch to her stance. I think she may have gone out for a drink or two after I put her away for the night!

The colour hasn't shown up very well in the picture. It is actually a nice mauve-y taupe.

I love the pussy willow print. I will definitely be making both of these tops again, probably more than once!

I can't resist leaving you with a glimpse of what greeted me when I went to bed last night.

Abby had crawled into our bed and made herself comfortable. Heaven only knows how she manages to get herself under the covers. The orange porcupine, (we call it 'baby') goes everywhere with her. She treats it like her baby, grooming it and protecting it from everyone. We have other toys for both dogs, some of them stuffed animals. I have no idea why she decided to be mother to a porcupine!

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  1. thanks for the sweet comments today!! I clicked on your name and realized I am already a follower of your fantastic site - didn't recognize your name!! Love the scarf collar shirt!!!

  2. Oh, both tops are lovely. I like the tie neck (?) detail on the first one - together with the V-neck. Very pretty. I'm getting my first Jalie pattern for Christmas and am excited to try a new pattern line! And I loooove the print on the second one, it is so cool.

  3. Very beautiful tops...
    Stopped by from Toot Your Horn Tuesday Blog Hop and following you via Google Friends.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Wow!!! Looks amazing! I just became a follower! : D