Saturday, October 9, 2010

October? Already?

Where has the time gone? Just yesterday I was packing for my trip to visit Saskatchewan! In truth, it was a whole month ago! I left on September 9. My trip was fabulous. The main reason for my trip was to attend my grandmother's 90th birthday party. My Nan is unbelievable. She has her own apartment and is very independent. She walks everywhere, (or takes the bus,) and goes out most days, even if only for a long walk. She sews her own clothes, knits and does embroidery. To tell the honest truth, she has more energy and stamina than I do! If you saw her, you would never guess she is 90. Nan had two daughters, (my mom, and my aunt),and has seven grandchildren, and fourteen great-grandchildren!

We decided to give her an HD flat screen tv for her birthday, and she loves it. The highlight of her party was speaking to her niece in Australia, via Skype. She was amazed that she could see her and speak to her!
I spent the majority of my visit with Nan, talking, laughing and visiting with family. There is nothing better than the feeling you get with family. I just wish we all lived closer! It is sad to think of how much we miss of each other's day to day lives, being so far away. But, I guess it just makes the time spent together so much sweeter. I did spend four days with my brother and his family. His wife Jessie is just the sweetest girl you could ever meet. She made me feel so welcome! And my adorable nieces were fabulous. They begged me to stay in Saskatchewan the night before I left.

Audry and Harley


My step-niece Celice, Audry and Deanna Are they not the sweetest?

Celice, Audry and Deanna. It was Audry's seventh birthday.

All in all, I had a great time. It was so wonderful to see everyone, and being there for Nan's 90th meant more than I can say. It was soo hard to leave, but Nan confided in me before I left, 'I might come to visit in the Spring.' And, if I know my Nan, she'll be here!

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  1. Your nan sounds like a fun lady. Glad that you enjoyed your trip to our beautiful province!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up at Sisterhood Sunday and for following. I'm following you now :) My husband's grandmother is around the same age as yours and she's SO active as well! I can't believe the stuff she still does, she's really enjoying her "golden years". Great blog!!


  3. that is wonderful, she looks so cute and pretty opening her gifts. There's nothing better than family.

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  5. How blessed you are to have such a vibrant, active grandmother!! Makes me feel a little lazy though ;-)

    Thanks so much for stopping by The House on the Corner ~ I'm following back!!

  6. Happy birthday to your grandmother! It's great that she is doing so well. I'm glad you had a great trip and got to visit with your family.

    Thanks for stopping by for Relax & Surf Sunday! I'm now following your blog. Have a great day!

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  8. Hello! Love your blog. Thanks for the comment @ SparkPicks. What a great idea to use Skype, my Gram would love to video chat with relatives!

  9. What a fun trip. We just had a birthday party for our next door neighbor's 92nd birthday. His wife is 87 and they still live in a home and do all their yard work. What a wonderful thing that Nan can still be independent.