Friday, August 27, 2010

End of Summer

Well, it crept up on us when we weren't looking. The lazy days of summer are coming to an end. Although in Southern Ontario, that doesn't necessarily mean the end of the hot weather. I'm very sure we have a few (if not more!) weeks of heat. The humidity may not be quite so bad, so that will be a welcome change. But, for school children everywhere, (and some very relieved parents!) the summer holidays are coming to a close. The rush to get haircuts, school supplies and clothing is on. I have two of my children returning to school this September. My youngest will start grade eleven, (Is he even old enough? It seems like he only started pre-school last year.) and my oldest, starts her first year of four, in Veterinary College. She has already completed five years of pre-requisite university. Becoming a vet is a long, slow process. Tomorrow we move her to her new apartment in a new city, and I will yet again set about the process of letting go. I will miss her dreadfully, as I do each time she goes away for school. Thankfully she will only be an hour and a half away, so frequent visits are possible. So, as you can imagine, my house is in an uproar. Packing boxes and furniture litter every space possible. Everything that was packed away or put into storage last spring has been brought out and inspected, to be repacked or replaced as needed. So, needless to say, there hasn't been much sewing going on! But I do have a couple of things to show you! I finally finished the outfits for Amanda's other two girl's, Abby and Caitlin. For Abby, I decided to send the Petal Skirt. I made last month. To go with it, I embellished a purchased tee shirt, anthro style.

I simply cut out several heart shapes from another tee shirt, gathered them and haphazardly sewed them on by hand. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out, and I hope Abby likes it too.
For Caitlin, I made a sundress, using Simplicity 3515.

Instead of making ties out of matching fabric, I used wide matching ribbon. And for a little flash, I
sewed matching 'jewels' onto the front band. I love the colours of this dress! So, on to the next project! OOPS! I forgot. I better finish the hand sewing on my daughter's dress before she goes tomorrow! Then she may actually get to wear it before the cool weather hits!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Remember Me?

When I looked at the date of my last post, I was shocked. July 26? That's crazy! I have honestly been thinking of you all, and have been keeping up with your blogs, as much as I have been able too. I have to admit that the extreme heat and humidity, coupled with a major Fibromyalgia flare-up, have completely knocked me on my well-padded butt. I have been too sore and exhausted to do much of anything. I really hate to whine and complain, but sometimes you just have too! I have managed to do some sewing, but not as much as I would have liked. It is so frustrating to be full of wonderful ideas and ambitions, and your body just won't co-operate.
I have been trying for a month to make dresses for my friend Amanda's (The Modern Brady Bunch Family Blog) four girls. I've also been trying to make one for my own daughter. So far, I've made two of the four, and almost completed my daughter's. The first two dresses are for Savannah and Sophie.

Savannah's dress is a simple cotton interlock tank dress by Simplicity. I am making the same dress for my daughter. Savannah had pointed out another similar dress on another web page, so I tried to make it as close as possible. I really hope this meets her expectations! Please forgive the pins holding the tie in place, I haven't made the belt loops yet!

This dress is for Sophie, Amanda's youngest, who is starting school this year. You can read about Sophie's latest adventures here. Again, I hope she is happy with her new dress! The skirt is super full, perfect for twirling, something that I'm sure Sophie is apt to do.
Up next are dresses for Abby and Caitlin. Although, I do have several ideas for cute little skirts and tops, so maybe they may get skirt and top sets! Once I have them all finished I will pack them up and ship them all to them at the same time. I would love to take them to the girls myself, but the eighteen hour drive from Ontario to South Carolina would be a bit much for me! Have a great day ladies, and I promise to be posting again soon!


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