Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

July 1st is Canada Day! There will be picnics and parties and fireworks galore. On July 1, 1867, Canada became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain and a federation of four provinces: Nova Scotia; New Brunswick; Ontario; and Quebec. The anniversary of this date was called Dominion Day until 1982. Since 1983, July 1 has been officially known as Canada Day. Since then it has been a national holiday, but strangely, not everyone has the same day off. Although the majority of people have today off, selected others have tomorrow off, which makes celebrating the day difficult for some. Everyone in my family has today off, which is good for us. So, today will be spent relaxing, and enjoying the benefits of this great country of ours. Of course, my idea of relaxing is a day in front of my sewing machine! Because it is a holiday, I have informed my family that it is officially a 'Do it Yourself Day', in other words, it is MY holiday too! Therefore, I am taking time off from my 'job' as master chef and chief homemaker! I plan to ignore the pile of laundry lounging on the laundry room floor, forget we have a vacuum, and steer clear of the kitchen. I am lucky enough to have grown children who can fend for themselves, and won't starve to death if I don't feed them. (and if I play my cards right, they might just feed me today!) I have my day planned, and I can hardly wait to get started. But before I do, I just have to share with you what I received yesterday, from my dear friend, Amanda, from The Modern Brady Bunch Family Blog . She was kind enough to send me a copy of a book she had recently purchased for herself. I am totally in love with it. The patterns are so adorable and easy to do. Full sized patterns are included in the book.

If you have a chance, any of you that sew for children, pick up this book for yourself! It is fabulous! (and so is Amanda for sending it too me!) The only issue I have with the book is the boy's patterns. They are a little too girly for me. Luckily though there are only two or three of them, the bulk of the book is geared toward little girls. For an example of the bloomers pattern in the book, check out Amanda's adorable version here.
I plan to make something from the book today! Also included in the box of surprises, were some beautiful fabrics, and an assortment of regular paper patterns. She even thought of my daughter when she was preparing my gift! My daughter loves to make cupcakes, as anyone how has read my blog has seen! We saw this post, on Amanda's blog, and my daughter immediately fell in love. Amanda and her kids had created these cupcakes, with the help of the book, 'What's New Cupcake?'.

When I told Amanda how much my daughter had admired them, she went out and bought her the book!

There are no recipes in the book, just complete instructions to decorate cupcakes, in the most imaginative ways possible. Some of them are so cute, you would hesitate to eat them! This is another book that is definitely worth having.
In return for Amanda's kindness, I plan to sew dresses for her four girls. We are currently in the 'designing' stage, but I hope to get started soon! I will post about them when they are finished. Now, I am itching to get to my sewing machine. I hope everyone has a wonderful Canada Day! Anne

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  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with and I'll looking this book up on Amazon :0)


  2. Those cupcakes are so fun! That book has a lot of great ideas it in!

  3. mmm, looks like a fun book - the kid's clothes one. I'm eager to see the dresses too ...

  4. I've been oogling the cupcake book for months! Glad to know someone has it and likes it. Gives me another reason to justify buying it!