Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've been honored!

Yesterday was a special day. I received two awards! I can't believe it, it was so kind of Jeannette, and Amanda, to give me the awards! So, now that I've finished my happy dance, I will now pass them on to others!

First, Jeannette at Counting Our Blessings, sent me the Sweet Blog award! According to the rules, I must post about the award, including the picture, and send a HUGE thank you to my award giver. Thank you again Jeanette!

Isn't that cute? My next step is to pass this award on to ten other sweet bloggers, and notify them of their award! These are my picks. I wish it could be more!

Amanda at the Modern Brady Bunch Family blog.
Rachel at Sew Ambitious.
Mommy at A Trio of Boys.
Camille at All About Mommies.
Adin at It's Sewtastic Mama!
Erin at Luck and Bliss.
Selina at Selina's Vintage
Bagqueen at Bagqueen.
Mrs Dork at Confessions of a Sewing Dork.
Amanda at Amanda's Adventure's in Sewing.

Congratulations ladies! You all deserve it!

My second award came from my new friend Amanda, at the modern brady bunch. It is the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you so much Amanda!

I can hardly believe I got one award, let alone two! For this award, I have to ,

Thank the person who gave me the award,

Share 7 things about myself,

and, Pass the award on to 15 bloggers who I have recently discovered and I think are fantastic!(in no particular order)

Contact the bloggers I have picked and let them know about their award!

 Ok, well, I was planning on doing this in one post, but I've been at this for quite a while now, and duty calls! I'll be back to post my list later on today! But I will leave you with my first pick. I've already told her about her award, and I want her to have it.
Jeannette at Counting Our Blessings. Congratulations!


  1. Congratulations!Really happy for you!

  2. Thanks so much for the award! How lucky of you to get 2 at once!

  3. Oh, lovely! Thanks heaps and oodles!

  4. Thank you. I'm honored now too. :0) I'll get right on that... as soon as the baby is fed. lol

  5. Thank you so much for the sweet blog award. I appreciate it. I already grabbed mine and I am loving it.. :)

    Adin B

  6. I am so so late getting this up, but I am doing it now. Thank you for the award. :) I need to make a special place on my blog to feature it.