Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have to admit, thinking up a title every post is a bit of a chore. I know, I know, how hard can it be? One of my problems is that I can never be sure exactly what I'm going to post about when I start. I usually have a general idea, but, as usual I tend to veer off in a dozen directions. So I can start off talking about my sewing project, and end up talking about the life cycle of the polar bear or something. I can't help it! It's just the way my mind works! (when it's working!) Which reminds me. Yesterday I bought a bag full of retro patterns, really cheap. I was thrilled, and couldn't wait to get home and sort through my treasure. I gleefully dumped the bag out on my bed, and instantly started making a list in my mind about what I would make and when. Then I noticed the sizes. They range from size 8 -14. Now if this was a few years ago, that would have been great! I could have made everyone of them. But, there's no way I can squeeze my size 18 body into any of those patterns. I could have cried in frustration. Obviously when I asked the size 0 girl who sold them to me if they were large or extra large sizes, I shouldn't have believed her. And obviously looked for myself! But I was in a hurry to get home to meet my son. Of course she thought they were extra large patterns! What self-respecting size 0 wouldn't?  Sooo I ended up with 32 vintage patterns that don't fit. Lucky me.

Today I refashioned two tops. They were both way to big for me. I thought I would make myself feel better by making something smaller for myself. Guess what? It worked! I know it's all in my head, I'm not any closer to fitting into those patterns than I was yesterday, but hey, something was too BIG! So today I'm a happy camper. I don't have any pics of the tops, mostly because they are black, and I just couldn't get any detail to show up in the pics.
I have been debating about setting up an etsy shop. I'm kind of leary about it though. I'm not all that sure how to go about it. I have read most of the instructions on the site, and the one thing I'm not really clear about is the shipping costs. How am I supposed to figure out shipping costs before I even sell anything? Maybe I'm missing something, or just not processing the info correctly, but I can't figure that out. Is there anybody out there that can help me? (and not laugh while they are doing so?)  I would greatly appreciate it!
Well, everyone is arriving home from work, and I can hear vague pitiful cry's of hunger. I guess I had better go whip up one of those creative meals I mentioned in my last post. Apparently it's feeding time at the zoo!


  1. Sorry about your sad purchased today. You sure have tons of them. If they were only size 2 or 4 I would buy them from you. Sorry about that!

    I too don't know much about etsy shop and I am also thinking of doing it too, but we will see. Maybe, I should research more about it.

  2. Thanks for the blog comment. I'm all envious of the retro patterns - want to sell them, if you aren't going to use them? I'm a size 8-14!

  3. Would love to see you set up an etsy shop with all those beauties!

    The way to figure out postage is usually by the weight and then check the postage website, I'm guessing for you would be the USPS?? If you're just selling patterns it would be easy to check for a large letter and go from there. If that makes sense? I usually just add more that way I just refund if it comes up too much. I use my kitchen scales to check the weight. Hope that helped some!

  4. oops, should have checked your profile, it would be Canadian post then :)