Friday, April 23, 2010

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Well, it's Friday again. Which means grocery shopping day. UGH!!!  Is it my imagination, or do the prices of food go up every week? I used to enjoy grocery shopping, but not anymore. Not only does it cut into my sewing time (hehe), but is too depressing! The stores don't seem to realize that just because their prices go up, it doesn't mean our budget goes up. Also, has anybody else noticed the little trick these stores play on us? Let's say that a loaf of bread is 99cents. (come on, stop laughing! This is an example!) The next week you go back to the store, only to discover that the same loaf is now $1.50. Then, the week after, they have a huge sign that says,  'SPECIAL! PRICE REDUCTION!!'. Now it's $1.45 a loaf. Big deal. Are we supposed to be grateful that we are ONLY paying 46cents more than we were two weeks before? What do they think we are? Morons?? Do they think we FORGOT we were paying 99cents just two week prior?!   I spent $150 today, and after I brought it home and put it away I couldn't find it! From the look of the cupboards, I didn't even buy anything! So I guess we're in for another crafty week of inventive cooking! Good thing I have a houseful of men who we will eat pretty much whatever I put in front of them! (I had to laugh to myself as I wrote that. I remember when my youngest son was small, I would give him his dinner and he would say, 'do I like it mommy?'  I'd assure him he did, and he'd very happily eat what ever it was.)
Ah, the innocence of youth! To bad I can't convince him of things that easily now!
On another note, while I was roaming around the blog world today, I came across these,

Japanese lace zippers! They are beautiful, and I'd love to have some in all different colours. To look at. Because honestly, I wouldn't know what to do with them. They would have to be sewn on as exposed zippers, and I think the stitching line would ruin the overall effect. Surprisingly the ones I found for sale on the net are only about $4 each. Yes, that's a bit dear, but not as much as I expected. They would be very pretty on little girl dresses, don't you think?
**Sorry about the ranting. The grocery store is just not my friend these days!   Have a great evening!  Anne


  1. totally understand about the groceries! i almost hate to walk into a store of any kind anymore (except a thrift store!)

    LOVE that zipper - where did you find it?

  2. I found some on etsy at

    hope that helps! anne

  3. That is one pretty zip, I would use it for a bag or purse, It would look lovely on the front pocket of a bag.

    I'm with you on the food shopping, I hate it, and to add insult to injury when you get home with it and are tired and just need a cup of tea and a sit down, you have to put the wretched stuff away!! On the other hand, I have got very good at making supper out of nothing cos I just don't want to shop that day!!

  4. Sorry about the grocery experience! My little boy and I went to the store today and it doesn't take much to get you to spend 100 bucks. Man! Things are pricey these days. It worries me every time and economy's not doing good these days. Hope things are well with you!

    That lace zipper is so cute! I think I saw one like that back in my hometown (Philippines) before. I haven't seen one like that here. I think it would look cute on a little girls dress. Too cute that you might just want to stare at it and not do anything to it. LOL!

    Thank you so much for checking out my blog. :)

  5. that zipper is the cutest dang thing i ever did see! i would definitely be a feature on something......... or you could just stare at it. its doesnt really need to be attached to anything. just sitting there in its own cuteness. xx
    i think im going to have to have one of my very own! thanks for the link

  6. Wow, loving the zipper, I have totally been into exposed zippers at the moment, and I think that one is calling to me!