Thursday, April 15, 2010

summer shoes

This week has just flown by! I've done some sewing projects for myself, but I will post about them later. Today I want to show you my latest creations for my little nieces! I saw these little shoes in the dollar store, and picked them up a pair each. They are cute, but kind of boring. I thought the pink and purple were perfect for summer.

 I thought about what I could do to make them more fun. I had some silk flowers laying around, and thought they would be perfect to jazz them up. they are easy to do, and the results are adorable. Here are my embarrassingly easy instructions. (Please excuse the quality of the pics)

For one pair of shoes you will need  - two medium size silk flowers
                                                       - 2, 2 hole buttons 

                                                       - 2 pieces of 3mm wide ribbon, about 12 inches long
 You will also need a darning needle, with an eye large enough for the ribbon to pass through, but not too thick to go through the button holes.

First, separate the flower petals and leaves, removing the plastic pieces that separate them.

Gather the leaves and petals together again, with the button on top. Pass the needle through the first button hole and down through the petals and leaves.

Then, pass the needle through one of the holes on the top of the shoe. (There should be two holes almost in the center, side by side.) Then push the needle back up through the second hole, and back through the flower and second button hole. Center the flower on the shoe, making sure that both ends of the ribbon are the same length. Pull the ribbon tight and tie in a double knot. Tie into a bow, then into another knot. Fluff up your flowers and you are done!

See? Too easy. It only took a few minutes to do both pairs, and they are so cute! Perfect for wearing with summer dresses!  See you!   Anne


  1. cute itea! i might have to make some of these for my niece!

  2. I love how you made the crocs cute! Great idea! Can you try my buttons again. I think I fixed them, but need a tester. Thank you for linking these!


  3. Those are too precious! What a thoughtful aunt you are! Visting from Scene of the Grime and now following, too! Come see me sometime!

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  5. Neat idea! Thanks for linking up this week!