Tuesday, April 6, 2010

not much new

Today was kind of a mish-mash day. The weather was miserable, rainy and overcast until dinner time. (naturally) Does anyone else find that moody grey days just aren't the best days to get anything done? I had to go out this morning with my friend, and of course we ended up at goodwill. I didn't buy anything today though. Once in a while I can find a few things at reasonable prices, but those days are few and far between anymore. Goodwill used to be the 'go to' store for clothing deals, but thier prices have gone up so much that it isn't always thrifty to shop there! I refuse to by a beat up old tee shirt for $4.99! Especially when I can get a new one at Walmart for $5! It doesn't make sense. (not that I WOULD buy new, I've taken the WR pledge, and I plan to stick with it!)( So far so good!) Tomorrow I plan to spend the day sewing. I made one cardigan the other day, and I have another one cut out in another fabric. It is from Simplicity #2424.

I have to apoligise for the quality of the photo's. My poor camera isn't good with close ups!
You can see a better pic here.  And these are my fabrics. Nice soft jersey knits.

The cardigan works up really fast and easy. Actually, it is the same as the purple floral one I posted a few days ago. I also really like the jacket on the pattern too. Looks like it would make a nice fall jacket. I'm sure I have something in my stash to make it out of!
Today I think I'll leave you with a joke. My sixteen year old son thought this was extreemly funny. (apologies in advance if anyone is offended!)
He came home from school with this. A large piece of paper with two big holes cut out.

                                                                          Son- what's this mom?
- a piece of paper with holes in it!
Son- big smiles and giggles,
where do they GET this stuff!
have a happy day everyone!

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