Monday, April 5, 2010

in the closet

Well, as I said yesterday, dinner was fab. My step-mom out did herself- again! Ham, scalloped potatoes and lots of side dishes. Then apple pie and ice cream for desert. I elected to jog home after, but didn't make it down the driveway! The gifts I made were well received by S-M(step-mom) and nieces. S-M wore her apron all day! The girls loved their dresses, and they fit very well, especially since I had no measurements to go by. It's hard to get sizes correct for small kids, they grow soo fast. I was proud of my kids too. My daughter helped us in the kitchen, while my sons (the big He-men) played with the kids. It is so cute to see my grown sons crawling around on the floor with little kids. In my last post I talked about trying to dress nicely everyday, even if I don't go anywhere. I'm trying! I took a couple pics of my closet, of all the clothes I have hanging in there. All of it is handmade by me. The poor things seem to go directly from my machine to the closet, never to be seen again. It is such a waste! A lot of the things I make I give to my best friend, who at this point has a better wardrobe than I do! I do have to admit that alot of the things I give her are things that turned out too small or were not a good fit. She is alot smaller than me. So.. back to my original idea. I'm going to wear ALL my clothes instead of falling back on a few favs, and of course my beloved pj bottoms! I'm sure my family will be happy to see the change! I thought I'd also show you my secret addiction. I LOVE costume jewelery! I have a special space in my closet just for that!

These are just some of my necklaces and bracelets. I also have some in a basket in my room, waiting to be hung up. Costume jewelery is soo much fun! You can find so many different things, all at reasonable prices! I have to admit that I have picked up a few items at the dollar store, mostly wooden and beaded items. And I've been complimented on them! People are surprised when I tell them where I got them! Since I'm trying to be fashionable on a tight budget, I can get 3-4 items for less than the cost of one at any large dept store. I am also going to try making some things for myself. I found a tute at 'hand made by carolyn', for a knotted rope necklace. LOVE IT!!I have some aqua rope that I plan to use. If you haven't already, you should check out her blog here.  She does some amazing work. I'm thinking of a matching bracelet.... The last thing I'm going to tell you about today are my new hangers! I think these things are great. They are 3 for $1.99 at JYSK. They are a straight wire hanger covered in foam. They can be bent up or down to suit your clothing. The best part is nothing falls off. The foam seems to grip the fabric. So no more piles of slippery clothing on the floor! Which reminds me. I have piles of laundry to do, so I guess I should get to it. Have a great day everyone!

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