Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Apron and dresses.

Hello out there! Happy Easter! My family and I are going to my parents place for dinner today,along with my brother and his family. With all of us,(6) and my bro's wife and kids, there will be 11 of us in total. My nieces and nephew are all under 5, so it will be a busy time! My step-mom is a born entertainer. Her cooking and baking is to die for, and these occasions are greatly anticipated. She works sooo hard on the meal and its presentation, that I wanted to do something nice for her for a change. I toyed with a few ideas, and came up with this apron. I bought the fabric in the drapery dept at Fabricland the other day. It is just a basic rectangle shape that I hemmed on three sides and added a waistband. I made the ties extra long, as I like to be able to tie them in front. I think she will like it. Then, because I think every little girl should have a new dress(or two!) at Easter, I refashioned four little tank tops into sun dresses for my nieces. Unfortunately the flash on my camera didn't go off, and I've already wrapped the dresses, so I can't get a better pic. (Hey! I just figured out how to move the pics around on the page!!!) They are all in nice bright cheery colours for summer. Pinks,oranges, red and green. I'm quite pleased with them. The one on the end is perfect, because the niece I'm giving it to is named Ceara (KEE R A). The C is made up of silver and gold sparkles. I couldn't believe my luck when I found it tucked away with the other tanks at Goodwill. So I hope the dresses will be a big hit. They were easy to make, just a long rectangle sewn into a tube, hemmed, and sewn to a tank that I had shortened. I didn't really need to gather the skirt part because the knit of the top stretches to fit the bottom. I did put some gathering stitches in though, so that the top wasn't stretched too much. I then serged the inside waist seam and pressed and sewed it down toward the skirt. I think I made all of them in just under two hours. I have to say I was quite pleased with myself!

It is a beautiful sunny day here. I haven't checked the temp, but the kids are outside without jackets. Hooray for spring! I love it when the weather starts to get warm. I don't like it when it gets too hot, but I don't think anyone does! Warmer weather means one thing. New wardrobe!! I have been sorting through my stack of patterns, making a pile of everything I want to make for this summer. If I make everything, I'll still be at it this time next year! The problem is, I don't NEED that many clothes! I don't work away from home, and my social life isn't that extensive. Having Fibro and Cronic Fatigue will do that to you. But, I've decided to make an attempt to dress nicely every day. My closet is full of clothes that I've made and I rarely wear them. I pretty much live in my pajama bottoms and comfy tops. (again with the fibro. there are many days that clothes are just to restricting and uncomfortable to wear against my skin.) Anyway, I've decided to try to make my clothing fibro friendly. That means soft light weight fabric, patterns that are loose and comfy, but stylish at the same time. Since I quit work nearly four years ago, I've gained about forty pounds. Twenty of it was ok, I was too thin back then. But naturally I didn't stop at twenty. The other twenty just kind of snuck up on me. Now I'm having a hard time trying to lose it. It just follows me everywhere! hehe. I saw something a few days ago, but I don't remember where. Basically one woman was saying to another about her current diet, "I'm on that new thirty day diet. So far I've lost fifteen days!" Sounds like me. Oh well, just have to keep trying! Well, I've rambled on long enough today. I'll stop now, or I'll go on all day! I just find this so relaxing and maybe even a little therapeutic! I'm off to make myself beautiful for dinner tonight. Should only take me a few hours to decide what to wear.......

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