Wednesday, April 21, 2010

busy day

So, today I had the brilliant idea to clean my youngest son's bedroom. I had been toying with the idea for a few days, and today I took the plunge. Literally. I practically had to tie a rope around my waist and tie it to the door knob to find my way out again. After donning rubber gloves and gas mask, I jumped in.  And stopped dead in my tracks. Where to begin? How can one sixteen year old boy have so much stuff? I eventually started with the giant pile of clothing covering the floor. Naturally it all had to be washed, clean or not. With two large dogs in the house, the fur is everywhere. Not only that, but because my little darling loves to work on anything with a motor, it's hard to tell what is dirty or just stained with grease and oil. Then, SCORE!!! Mixed in with everything else, was a pile of sweaters and shirts just BEGGING to be refashioned! They were items that my son had brought home from his cousin, most of which was too small, or just not his style. I quickly pushed them all into a lrg green garbage bag and hid it in the basement. I had to hide it, because in typical kid fashion he would have complained, "but they are mine!" regardless if he would wear them or not. Two bags of recycling and a lrg garbage bag of trash later, I was finished. (did I mention TODAY was garbage day? I should have done this yesterday. Now I have to hide everything for a week so he doesn't reclaim anything!). I finished a few minutes before he got home from school. He looked in his room and then turned to me. "Did you throw anything out?", with a sign of grief etched on his face.  With my best poker face I looked back at him and said "No dear." and smiled inside as I pushed the trash bag behind me.
On another note, I did manage to sew the buttons on the blouse I made the other day. I procrastinate when it comes to buttons. I absolutely HATE sewing on buttons. So many times I have finished a garment and left it for a week or two, just because I'm avoiding buttons!
 I love this blouse. The colour is closer to coral than orange and will be great for the summer. It is a poly-cotton with lycra so it is comfy. The only complaint I have with the fabric is that it is a little stiff. I'm hoping that after a few more washings it will soften up some. I also made this skirt in the past couple days. It is made from recycled curtain fabric. I love the print and the colours. The fabric is the perfect weight for a skirt.
It fits well and is super comfy. I have to admit that I am not an avid skirt wearer. But I hope to change that this summer. I usually wear a lot of dresses in the warmer months, but this year I'm determined to wear more skirts. I have plenty of skirt weight fabric in my stash that needs to be made up. I'll need some new things for Me-Made-May, so that will be a start. Both the skirt and blouse are from Simplicity 2564, and I will defiantly
 be making them both again. They are very quick and easy to make and fit very well.
Also, thank you to bagqueen for commenting on my last post! I was starting to feel very alone out in the blog world. I really thought no one was listening (reading?!). Until next time, Have a happy day!


  1. Great garments! Doing a great job. You are almost ready for Me Made May, aren't you? I joined for the full version but don't have much time to sew right now. Ooooh, I'll have to come up with something... :-)

  2. You're welcome to the comment, just to reassure you, your blog is on my favs bar so I drop in on a regular basis!!
    Your post on boys bedrooms take me back a few years, (my son is now 29) I used to threaten that if the room wasn't tidy by a certain time I would black sack it!! Which meant that everything on the floor would be put in a black sack and chucked out for the bin men!! It usually did the trick and he always found food that was harbouring pencillin!! I was a fairly laid back mum, mainly because I was the untidiest person in the house. I had a friend who when she felt overwhelmed by her children's mess used to think of Will's bedroom and it always made her feel better cos someone had worse to deal with!!

    He was quite creative and I let him decorate his own room so there where paintings on the walls and modern art installations made of jelly cartons sticking out of the wall. I loved all that but even when the clothes were put away and the bed made it still didn't look tidy by other people's standards! Odd really cos now he's all grown up he's an accountant!!

    Anyway this comment is rambling on way too long, sorry, but just felt like a chat!!

  3. Love both top and skirt. Just bought the pattern and I've been searching google for persons who have sewn it. Nice blog entry...had me smiling :-)