Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today is my baby's birthday. At 3:48 on a cold Sunday afternoon, after 72 hours of labour, my 6lb 3oz daughter arrived, over 2 weeks early. My pregnancy had been difficult, every month seemed to bring a new problem. At five months I was told that my baby was likely to mentally retarded, due to my  exposure to German Measles. Several tests were done, resulting in inconclusive results. I was advised by my doctor's to abort, but I was determined to have my baby. As the months passed, other complications arose. At seven months, my baby stopped growing, and for the first time a cesarean delivery was discussed. A few weeks passed, and my baby put on weight. At nearly eight months it was discovered that my water was leaking. Two weeks later. my labour started.   My labour was intense and scary, my baby and I seemed to be hooked up to every machine and monitor in the hospital. There was talk of a C-section, because I wasn't dilating, and my baby's heartbeat was weak, and had actually stopped three times during the labour. As the decision was made  to perform the C-section, I suddenly felt the need to push. I was fully dilated! Twenty minutes later my daughter was born. The nurses whisked her away as soon as she was born. One of them turned back as she rushed out the door with my baby, and yelled, 'It's a girl!' I lay there stunned, wondering how my baby was. Ten minutes later, they brought her back to us, beautiful, and PERFECTLY HEALTHY! Words cannot convey the relief I felt.
Today my baby turned twenty-four. She is perfect in every way, and I thank God every day for that. Today she is a university graduate, studying veterinary medicine. My Baby.


  1. Babies are such precious things even when they are 24 or 27 as mine is! Lovely story put a smile on my face!

  2. Wow, how scary that all must have been....and how lovely to have a beautiful daughter! I have just popped over from Wardrobe refashion...i like your skirt!

  3. I too came over from WR. What an amazing story!! And the skirt and blouse are lovely.