Monday, March 29, 2010


Hey! It's great to finally meet you! I've been playing around with the idea of creating a blog for a while now, and have finally decided to give it a go. I really have no idea what I'm doing, so please have patience with me! I've spent the last few days stalking some of the other million or so blogs floating around in cyber-space, and feeling very inferior. There are sooo many great blogs out there, and I am not sure that I can measure up! Oh well, as long as I'm happy, that's all that matters. Right? Anyway, let me introduce myself. I'm a forty something (ugh, that sounds so old) SAHM, with four children of my own, and two step-kids. That's right, six kids! Three girls and three boys. (a girl and 3 boys are mine) Yep. The original Brady Bunch. Sort of. My husband and I have heard EVERY joke there is. The oldest is now 24, and the youngest is 16. Not my babies anymore! (although I like to pretend..) Life has been an adventure for all of us!
Wait a minute, I seem to have lost my train of thought. Oh yeah, about me. I sometimes think I am a throw-back from the fifties. From a sewing/cooking/baking/homemaking point of view. My housekeeping skills aren't exactly the best, but I love everything else. I'd be very happy if I never had to clean or do laundry again in my lifetime. Unfortunately, they kind of come with the territory. But, I can avoid them in light of more interesting projects...
In this blog I would like to record my exploits in the fun stuff. Namely the afore mentioned sewing,cooking.. you get the idea. I'll try to make it as fun as possible, and share my antics with you!
I recently joined wardrobe refashion  for two months, and have a stack of re-fashioning to do. Not to mention the sewing from scratch I have planned. It should be fun!
Well, thanks for listening to me rant. I'll try to keep things shorter in the future, but I can't promise anything........